Industry Leader

Pinnacle Workforce Logistics is one of the largest independent value-added workforce logistics providers in the United States, handling 1.4 billion cases and over one million loads per year across its network of over eighty client-operated locations. We enable our clients to gain efficiencies, increase productivity, and create value.


We are more than a service provider, we are a service partner you can trust. Our workforce logistics experience allows us to give you performance-based rates and compensation, making your KPIs ours for an environment of continuous improvement. We leverage our industry-leading technology to give our clients insights to their operations that nobody else can provide.

Solution Provider

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, including freight handling, order selection, co-packing and kitting, warehouse maintenance, and much more, meeting the needs of business with quality services. We serve many of the largest grocers, retailers, and transportation and logistics companies in the U.S.

With Pinnacle Workforce Logistics our clients benefit from:

  • Solutions that scale to volume size and fluctuations
  • Increased productivity and reduced costs from performance-based team compensation
  • Cost Per Unit Pricing eliminates exposure to productivity declines/fluctuations
  • Seasoned on-site location managers, supported by an experienced Senior Management team
  • Safety-conscious, continuously trained and equipment-certified workforce associates
  • Successful start-ups from experienced Implementation Team members
  • Flexibility to provide customized reporting and invoicing
  • Customized IT solutions provide the visibility to properly manage performance

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